Our project with reference number 2021‐1‐NO01‐KA220‐ADU‐000030237, whose short name is EMALT, has been accepted by the Norway National Agency.Psychosocial use of polypharmacy in multiborbid individuals It poses a serious threat to health and quality of life. Polypharmacy use increases the risk of side effects and the number of hospitalizations, and as a result as an additional burden on health costs. Multimorbid persons in addition to drug treatment of their diseases, to improve their quality of life the application of some non-drug treatments for their psycho-social health will be a supportive method. Today, multimorbid refugees and migrants Improving the quality of life has become an important need. This project aims to improve the quality of life of disadvantaged migrants living in rural areas. and aims to improve the health standards of multimorbid refugees. In addition, the EMALT approach is designed for therapists who will be educators to reinforce the ways of teaching and learning that can be used. EMALT will ensure that these therapists are able to provide high quality services. will acquire the necessary skills and competences during the project. EMALT other project objectives: -Reduce costs associated with health expenditures -Patients spend less time in hospital beds and reduce the risk of infection -Personal applications and healing process acceleration -Time savings -Psychological counseling Benefit realization, -Life of mentees (migrants and refugee adults) Improvement of quality.