Our foundation organizes activities in the field of education and arts at local, national and international levels, and to produce joint projects in this field; contributing to the development of studies; It works to exchange information with people and organizations working on these issues and to bring these people together on a common ground. In line with these purposes, it prepares and implements projects at local, national and international level. Some of its goals are to research traditional and contemporary art styles of different cultures, to provide intercultural dialogue, to help individuals to get rid of their prejudices, and to raise quality standards in the field of professional competence. In particular, it organizes activities such as seminars, conferences, panels, workshops, exhibitions in order to ensure their integration with the youth. Our foundation is in constant communication with NGOs, universities, art and educational institutions in order to produce joint works.

Our members are interested in world issues, location, culture, European awareness, minorities, youth policy and social barriers. U-ASEA, no discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, sexual orientation, creed, religion, national, ethnic or social origin.U-ASEA, achieves targets by participation and development of: training courses, workshops, events, meetings, cultural exchanges, information points. Organization performs activities with young and adults.U-ASEA promotes European integration and develops contacts and cooperation between nations. We develop the social, educational, cultural and sports activities in order to create an active participation in European citizenship. Also, U-ASEA; main activities in the below areas of intervention and with specific target groups are:● Educational activities at local, European and international level;● Raising awareness and advocacy activities;● Organization of seminars, conferences, training courses and workshops oriented to capacity building of young people, youth workers,educators and adults;● Exchange of good practices among professionals in different areas


Ganzenstraat 1, 3815 JA, Amersfoort

Monday-Saturday: 11.00 – 19:00