Mobility of youth workers “ Migration- A Global Challenge” was designed as a project consisting of 1 mobility.
Type of activity; A1 Mobility of youth workers
Venue; Aabenraa, Denmark
Planned dates; 12-21 June 2022 Migration- A Global Challenge
Countries involved; UK, Denmark, Croatia, Turkey, Lithuania, Slovakia, Italy, Netherlands, Slovenia, Slovakia and Macedonia.
Our project’s topic was migration and wil have focus on 2 main issues – Firstly, immigration related issues in connection to refugee crisis and discrimination towards immigrants, secondly – emigration of young people in connection to youth unemployment.
The aims and objectives of the training course which were achieved were:
• Fostering reflection on different dimensions of migration and mobility, understanding the theoretical framework of migration trends and new migration in Europe and its global effects
• Exchange of experience and good practice in youth work, related to international/local migration and mobility and its influence on young people in Europe
• Preparing youth workers and youth leaders in addressing the challenges and opportunities resulting from migration for young people /society as a whole
• Raising the competence of youth workers and youth leaders about the push and pull factors of migration and causes and consequences of migration and how to prevent negative effects of migration (such as discrimination) in society
• Understanding the EU policies towards migration and mobility and local realities in participating countries and learning good practices
• Improving competences about different (youth) mobility opportunities in Europe
•  Promote European cooperation between youth organisations to promote youth mobility and engage youth with immigrant backgrounds in organizations’ activities
• Develop new initiatives in the field of migration and mobility for young people within the framework of Erasmus+ programme
We did have to some modifications, as it turned out that general knowledge on migration related terms and background knowledge was lower, than expected. We managed to clarify the terms, share country realities and practice also relevant tools. The biggest impact for achieving the aims came with personalized and emotinal workshops (such as story-telling, role-pay) and made participants really see the need in society to work on the topic.