Day by day we see ourselves more “trapped” by social networks, which influence us on a personal, professional and even social level. For this reason, we consider it of great importance to provide young people about the proper use of the networks, warning them on the one hand of their favorable uses and their positive and negative consequences and on the other, promoting a social use of them, using them as awareness tools and the dissemination of an inclusive philosophy, directing its use to the transmission of an empathetic, supportive and respectful society.

Since Social Networks are a channel of influence and information for young people to a great extent, we consider it important to encourage the participation with criteria of young people with and without disabilities because they want and need to participate in this other aspect of current life and show their needs, being aware of reality and not only of the stereotypes and ideals of perfection marked and accentuated by social networks. This project therefore consists of a youth exchange where they teach how to use the networks by everyone in a useful way and that they reach everyone, as well as being aware of the consequences of their use.

The OBJECTIVES to be achieved through attractive and fun dynamics for young people are:

• Promote social inclusion and the dissemination of this philosophy promoted by international youth activities.
• Empower youth through non-formal education by participating in teamwork.
• Create a diverse environment where young people from different countries can develop their sense of global citizenship, tolerance towards others from different cultures, fight for human rights and expand intercultural understanding.
• Provide the opportunity to learn about the importance of thinking and acting with criteria and with social values.
• Promote the learning of foreign languages.

In order to achieve these objectives, a short-term prior visit will be carried out, to know the facilities, the definitive staff involved (anticipating possible changes before these dates), specify the activities and the planning of the activity where a member will participate. of each entity together with a young person representing their colleagues, and a youth exchange where over 5 days, regardless of displacement, group dynamics, workshops and reflection activities will be carried out, to promote inclusive participation of young Europeans in search of a social and judicious use of social networks. We will take into account the participation of young people with and without disabilities and at risk of social exclusion, promoting the possibility of learning without discrimination and sharing experiences through the exchange of dialogues.