The project titled “Innovative and Creative Multiple Therapy Methods in Morbidities”, shortly called NEWCRE, was prepared in cooperation with 5 countries from ES, TR, FR, PT,NLThe expertise and experience of the project partners will provide high quality learning opportunities for multimorbid individuals. Project interaction is planned across Europe.

In the coming periods, the population over the age of 65 will increase even more in the total population in the world. This will make it necessary to change policies for the elderly and to formulate new political policies.

elements. Because of the long process of this change, NGOs also have a big role with decision makers. We will try to find solutions to burnout syndromes of multimorbid individuals.

Starting from our responsibilities as 6 institutions that set out with this awareness, we are in a disadvantageous position against local, national and European dimensions and

At the stage of preparing this project, three types of actions are planned to improve the quality of life of patients over 65 years of age with multimorbidity.

The disciplines that form the basis of our practice are gathered under the name of multiple therapy. In this context, the general purpose of the project is,

Health costs of elderly multimorbid individuals with alternative approaches to burnout syndromes and increasing the quality of life of elderly multimorbid individuals. Our other goals


  • To reduce the depression symptoms of elderly people with multiple diseases and to pave the way for positive thinking,
  • To ensure that the thoughts and feelings of elderly multimorbid individuals that cannot be expressed verbally are expressed using appropriate materials and

this way of treatment,

  • Improving the physical health of elderly people with multiple diseases, reducing the frequency of consultations with the doctor, and reducing the use of drugs,
  • The multi-therapy process of elderly people with multimorbidity and eventually improving the general health status,

The trainers who will take part in the project will gain new competencies in multi-therapy and improve their competencies by using new technologies.

-It will be a new approach Innovative To develop and strengthen the ways of applying and learning the creative multi-therapy theory. In addition, it is aimed to provide the necessary skills and qualifications to the participants, to provide quality service in this field, to reduce the depression levels of elderly multimorbid individuals and to achieve a quality life with the innovative Creative.