Cultural Activities

Painting art

Painting is a means of revealing and developing one's inner world and thought structure. Painting creates a reflection of the self. Painting is also a means of communication. It allows the individual to share his/her intelligence, sociocultural acquisitions and psychological characteristics with his/her environment.

Painting has even functioned as a means of social criticism throughout the ages. Many artists have expressed their reactions to social and political events through painting. The painting of the individual reveals not only a technical skill but also the skill in transferring knowledge. In his/her painting, the individual reflects a part of himself/herself and reveals his/her feelings.

People have different interests. According to these interests, the factors that arouse the desire to see a place change. One of these factors is the desire to see new places and learn about their history, nature and people. Curiosity, interest, the need for fun, rest and learning are the factors that arouse the desire to see a place.

The idea that the life, traditions, customs, natural beauty, historical features and other interesting and different aspects of a visited place must be known by others leads to the desire to write impressions and information about the places visited.

Music generally expresses an emotion. These emotions are joy, sadness or passion, etc. All the remaining meanings vary according to each person's own perception. A work that makes you very sad may not make another person sad at the same rate, but it may drag them into passion. Music is universal. Since the main substance of music is sound, it is an abstract phenomenon. Therefore, the imagination of music is limitless. Most importantly, music appeals to the soul, nourishes the spirit and affects the perspective.

Music is divided into two main groups: instrumental music and spoken music. In spoken music, the emphasis is on the lyrics with the emotional support of the music. In instrumental music, only the music created by the instruments has an impact. This kind of music is more difficult to perceive and follow.

In the first half of the 20th century, the art of dance, which was not very important, has become one of the most popular performing arts. Television plays an important role in this. Television, as a tool for the eyes, immediately included dance.

Dancing on a regular basis is extremely beneficial in terms of keeping the body in shape. Former dancers and successful dance teachers recommend dancing to those who want to keep their bodies in shape.