Project Number : 2021-1-LT01-KA220-ADU-000028279

 Project Title         : Presenting alternative Approaches to Burnout Syndrome in Elderly Multimorbid individuals 

Grant Awarded   : 119.650 EUR 

True loneliness is the feeling that the individual is incomprehensible and alone. In this respect, art therapy reflects the feelings that the individual cannot express to poetry, the words he cannot express to music, and the thoughts he cannot express to poetry. Negativities experienced by the individual when he/she is alone in his/her life are reflected in his/her life in the form of insecurity, fear, depression, longing and future anxiety.

It is known that all emotions and movements created by our physical and mental activities occur as a result of the communication of the nervous system among themselves and with the brain. Communication is the main cause of vital activities not only in the external world but also in the internal world. Both in our inner world and in our outer world, physical and mental illnesses occur in areas where communication is interrupted. Art therapy is expected to benefit from this aspect as a substitute component.

In therapy studies; the integrative and unifying effect of art is expected to cure the loneliness syndrome caused by multiple diseases and eliminate the problem of miscommunication. Social relationships include relationships and interactions with other individuals such as mutual information sharing, emotional support and direct assistance.

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