Project Number : 2021-1-NO01-KA220-ADU-000030237

 Project Title         : Effective use of Music, Art and Literature Therapy for immigrant and refugee multimorbid individuals

Grant Awarded   : 138,555.00

● Prerequisites such as signing a contract with the coordinator and obtaining the necessary permissions for the partners to start the determined activity have been fulfilled. After signing the contract with NA, a document describing our project and a press release were prepared and sent to the stakeholders, local, regional, and national press. In addition, each partner shared the information that the project was approved on their social media accounts. Each institution started to work on the project to include 10 volunteer immigrant and refugee multimorbid individuals.


● The project team and technical and financial resources that the project will need to achieve its goals and sustainability have been shaped in detail in the logical framework plan. Since our foreseen activities will be the tools used to achieve the project goals, all technical concrete data were carefully handled. Thus, our main activities and sub-activities were created. By determining the start and end times of these activities, it was determined who, where how and when the activities would be carried out. In addition, project results, implementation steps, indicators, sources of information, assumptions and prerequisite elements were clearly defined. In line with this planning, the project showed a very successful performance in reaching its goals. Among the indicators: - The quality and quantity of the EMALT theory, which will be the Result 1 of the project, were determined. It has been clarified how the Result will be presented and who will benefit from it. It was decided how long the Result would be ready and how this one would be produced. In line with these indicators, progress has been made in the studies that will enable the outcomes to reach their results based on quality, quantity, and target audience. The R1 was presented as a preliminary report with numerical values and qualitative expressions. In the continuation of the project, the final draft and the final version of R1 will also be presented before the end of the year. Documents, reports, research techniques (including data collection tools and analysis methods) and similar materials to measure the progress of the project, were stored as sources of information.