About us

SU-ASEA (Stichting USED-Amsterdam-Social Enterprise Agency) is an international non-profit social enterprise founded in Amsterdam, working for the social development of young people and adults in Amsterdam. SU-ASEA is currently located in Rotterdam.

 Our main objective is to promote the participation of young people through local and international mobilisations, to enrich them with intercultural learning and to promote inclusion.

 Our target group is people with fewer opportunities. The main need of our target group is to recognise international mobility opportunities for young people, as well as their potential impact on their local communities and themselves. In our work we use non-formal, informal and interactive educational methods to achieve our goals.

 SU-ASEA is involved in the following areas:

  • Social entrepreneurship
  •  Educational activities (educational projects based on non-formal education methodology, focusing on active citizenship, refugee integration, gender equality, youth employability, combating racism and xenophobia, promoting human rights principles);
  •  intercultural activities (youth mobility programmes and projects, training on international issues, promotion of different cultures).
  •  Artistic activities (integration of refugees and asylum seekers into Dutch society through artistic activities and art therapy; European cultural heritage and art education).
  •  Vocational training for migrants, refugees and asylum seekers.
  • Art therapy and agrotherapy activities in the context of psychotherapy.
  • Sustainability policy

The main objectives of the organisation are

 - To raise awareness of the values and educational programmes of the European Union;

- To promote the self-realisation and personal development of young people through the educational programmes of the European Union;

- To promote the active participation of young people/adults with fewer opportunities through non-formal education and intercultural learning methods and to develop different ways to ensure their impact on the local community;

- Improve the quality of life of asylum seekers and migrant communities by working on integration through youth work;

 - Provide volunteering opportunities for young people to develop their skills and competences and have a positive impact on the community.

 - Promoting cultural and social integration;

 - Provide social entrepreneurship training for refugee youth.