Our approach reflects the people we serve. We are a diverse society, but we are all equal.

We are fully committed to service. From the coffee beans we bring to our roasting with love, we are in favor of people at every stage.

We took the matter to ourselves as well as people.When you look , we are with you, because we considered it our duty to be with people.

Acts as a facilitator to mobilize society through a social enterprise approach to create and transform energy and resources. This process is necessary for both individual and social development.

Our members who are working on social enterprise, human rights, education and training are professionals in their majors and they have a wide network. We will create a multiplier effect with their help. Also, 5 of our members and key representatives -who are responsible for the running of the our projects- were selected because of the facts that; They worked as volunteers or members with other NGOs related to their major, had participated in one/a couple of workshops and seminars about the fields that will represent.

Aims of the organization are;
·         To create opportunity for young people and adults to recognize their problems and to initiate for solutions of the problem
·         To facilitate active participation of young people and adults in decision making process,
·         To promote personal and community development through learning mobility,
·         To improve the adults and young people’s social development and vocational skills.
·         To promote peace, nonviolence and human rights as a fundamental tool reach a world of equality and solidarity in which all human beings can access to their fundamental rights,
·         To encourage young people in the region, work as an initiator about social issues.
·         To create new innovative tools and methodologies to develop useful strategies in the field of education through cooperation with public and private entities at local and international level,
·         To encourage intercultural dialogue with the objective of fostering mutual understanding and respect between individuals from different cultures,
·         To support personal and social development of youth, to promote their active participation in all spheres of social life, to increase the quality of youth workers
·         To increase employment and quality of employment, to strengthen the employment and education relationship, to ensure security and flexibility within the labour market, to increase the employment of groups that require special to strengthen the employment and social protection relations and combating child labour
·         Increasing the participation of young people in artistic activities such as music, drama and painting. We have art therapy sessions especially for children in adolescence. In art therapy, we use music and painting.
·         To encourage entrepreneurship, promote the participation of individuals who have entrepreneurial spirit in economic life, to improve the efficiency of SME’s, to increase their competitiveness and ensure their integration with the industry